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Database UP is a web based database which allows you to create, organize and access your important business information.

You can create one or more databases within seconds.
  • Import From Excel / Acess
  • From Your website
  • From email
  • From our website
  • Share data with everyone
  • Invite users to see your data
  • Password protect your web database
  • Encrypt sensitive data

We also offer a Help Desk System... is a help desk system which includes a customer self-service portal, live chat and allows customers to submit support tickets. When a support ticket is submitted your agents are notified immediately and can start resolving the customer issue. Support tickets can be assigned to specific customer support agents or assigned to a department where one of many agents will pick up the ticket.

Once a support ticket is picked up by an agent, the agent will use the ticket window as the main working envelope until the issue is resolved. All communication, notes and progress is historically tracked in the support ticket page

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